Motorcycle Insurance

Facts about Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a policy that covers motorcycles and their drivers. Most states require motorcycle owners to have this type of coverage. Driving without coverage can result in fines and suspension of license.

Overall Purpose and Coverage Options

Motorcycle insurance is protection for riders, their passengers, and others on the road. Motorcycle owners need financial and medical coverage following accidents just like people who drive cars. This is what motorcycle insurance offers. Motorcycle insurance requires a premium and deductible the same as other forms of coverage.

Several options exist for motorcycle coverage. Liability coverage is the least amount of coverage that’s available. Liability pays for medical expenses and damages a motorcyclist causes to someone else.

Comprehensive coverage pays for incidents outside of regular collisions. For example, if a motorcycle is vandalized or stolen, comprehensive coverage will help cover the expenses. Also, if a motorcycle is damaged in a natural disaster, then this coverage will help.

Collision coverage pays for damages a motorcycle causes during collisions with other vehicles. It pays for repairs, such as dents and broken motorcycle parts.


Motorcycle insurance is for the safety of motorcyclists and everyone on the street. It also provides financial assistance when motorcyclists need it most. And that’s following accidents and other mishaps that can occur to a motorcycle. Coverage also puts the motorcycle owner in compliance with the law.