Boat Insurance

Boat Insurance and its Benefits

Boat insurance provides coverage for most engine-powered water vessels. This includes smaller fishing boats, houseboats, yachts, powerboats, and pontoons. Personal items inside the vessel are covered as well.

Anyone who owns a motorized water vessel should consider boat insurance. It’s the best way to protect the vessel from certain mishaps and damages. The vessel might suffer damage or cause damage to someone else. Insurance helps in all of these situations and more. Property damage, theft, and vandalism are covered.

Liability is an important coverage option. Liability helps the policyholder during liability lawsuits. The policy might pay for medical expenses caused by the policyholder. It might also pay for property damage caused by the policyholder. In short, it helps with these expenses so the policyholder doesn’t have to shoulder the entire burden.

In addition to liability, property coverage is an option. This pays for repairs to the policyholder’s boat after its been in an accident or stolen. Property coverage applies when the boat is both on and off the water.

Uninsured watercraft pays expenses when the policyholder is in an accident with an uninsured boater. It will pay for damages caused to the policyholder and passengers. And medical payments coverage is for injuries received by a passenger or the policyholder while on the policyholder’s vessel.

Benefits of Boat Insurance

Water vessels are expensive to maintain. And they can experience damage on and off the water. Boat insurance helps pay for expenses when mishaps occur. It protects the vessel and makes things easier for the policyholder.