Commercial Auto Insurance

The Purpose of Commerical Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is coverage for business vehicles, such as commercial trucks, company vans, and company cars. It provides coverage for liability and property damage caused by business vehicles. In short, it’s for businesses that rely on vehicles for daily business operations. The policy covers the vehicles and the employees who drive them. It helps when the business faces liability claims and potential lawsuits resulting from driving accidents.

Coverage Options

Uninsured motorist is for when an employee is hit by a driver with no insurance coverage. This must occur while the employee is working. The insurer will help cover damages and medical bills.

Collision coverage helps when a company vehicle has a collision. The insurer will assist with paying for car repairs. And medical payments coverage pays for medical expenses caused in an accident with a company vehicle.

Comprehensive coverage pays in a variety of situations. It can pay for repairs, theft, and total loss of a business vehicle. While loading and unloading coverage is for incidents that occur when loading or unloading a company vehicle.

Benefits of Commercial Coverage

Commercial auto insurance protects a business from potential lawsuits and liability issues. Without this coverage, a business could face paying thousands of dollars if a lawsuit should arise. But with this coverage the business and its employees have protection.