Salvation Doesn’t Have to Come at a Cost

Too many people feel that hope is lost, going without the basic necessities and human interactions that many take for granted. Every day there are elderly entering their final years alone and depressed, families in need going hungry or lacking the attire needed for school or interviews, and homeless that are looking for a way out of addiction and poverty. For all these individuals in need of a sympathetic helping hand, the Salvation Army is there. All walks of life can find respectful care and aid through the many programs the Salvation Army brings to the community of Clovis.

While the greatest need continues to be food, the Salvation Army also offers elderly care and companionship, addiction education and rehabilitation programs, self-sustainability initiatives for individuals and families in need, and hundreds of affordable school programs. They’re also one of the major disaster relief centers when the unexpected happens and people are left without shelter or sustenance. So many people would be left high and dry without the care of foundations like the Salvation Army, as more than 38% of Americans have had to seek some type of charity since 2012, and the actual unreported number may be even higher.

At K.W.S. Insurance our hearts go out to those in need, and we know that serving our communities is how we ensure peace of mind and security for everyone, because no human deserves to starve or live a life of loneliness and despair. When you recommend someone you know to us for a no-obligation insurance quote, we’ll donate $10 in your name PER PERSON. That’s a lot of hope you can bring to someone’s life through the Salvation Army, and it costs you NOTHING. So what are you waiting for?

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