KWS Insurance is deeply committed to fostering a strong, supportive community, with a particular focus on the well-being of our most vulnerable members, the senior citizens of Clovis, New Mexico. We recognize that in a world that often moves too quickly, prioritizing speed and youth, the needs of our elderly can sometimes be overlooked. This is especially true when it comes to basic necessities like nutritious meals, which many of us might take for granted.

Our attention is drawn to an admirable local initiative, Meals on Wheels Clovis, which undertakes the significant mission of not only feeding but also nurturing the spirits of our senior community. This organization is dedicated to preparing and delivering customized, nutritionally balanced meals to individuals who have specific dietary needs and might find it challenging to cook for themselves.

The process of enrolling in Meals on Wheels is simple and compassionate. Seniors or their family members, facing difficulties in meal preparation, can easily sign up for this service. Based on the selected plan, the organization ensures the delivery of healthy meals during the weekdays. These deliveries are made by a network of kind-hearted volunteers who also conduct wellness checks on each visit. Celebrating nearly five decades of service, Meals on Wheels has established itself as a pillar of support and reassurance for families, knowing that their elderly loved ones are cared for and will not suffer from hunger.

To support this cause, KWS Insurance is excited to promote Meals on Wheels Clovis. We encourage our clients, partners, and community members to get involved. As part of our Community Cause campaign, for every new referral to our agency, we’ll donate $10 to support this essential service!

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