We are here to offer you a high quality of affordable products and education. Our caring and personalized service holding you the client in a high level of esteem and respect gives us the reputation we have enjoyed and the friendly feeling you have come to expect.

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A product that is designed to provide a steady income stream in a specific time frame. It offers the flexibility of making periodic payments or one lump sum investments. Many annuities give the promise of a great start, a pleasing initial interest rate but these rates continue to fall year after year.. 

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There are a number of ways to achieve your retirement goals. From Social Security to savings. KWS Insurance services can help in making the right decisions to make your money last.

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About Us

  • Personal, Confidential, Immediate

  • We welcome you as clients and friends into a relationship that requires a fundamental and sustaining trust. With a caring touch, Jim Krake and JoAnne Winslow and our Staff strive to work with your unique family AND business issues which may exist and create strategies to deal with them effectively and compassionately during your life and thereafter. While Clovis, New Mexico is the central location of our business, our professional services travel into all of New Mexico and the West Texas area.

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Insurance Information

The process of finding good insurance coverage is becoming more and more tedious and confusing every year.

It is important to have an agent who can search for the best possible coverage for cost from several different companies. We have an extensive insight into MANY local networks and insurance companies. This can save you time and money.

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