Military Insurance

  • Tricare Supplements: For Active duty military & retirees families! There are two kinds of Military insurances normally offered on a national bases.  Those are Tricare Prime & Tricare Standard.  
  • Tricare Prime: keeps you connected to your local base.  Whether you have a doctor or PA that assists you, any outside specialist visits are provided through them by referral.  This offers little personal selection but wholesome local care.  No Tricare Supplement is needed for this plan.
  • Tricare Standard: gives you the option to see whom you like without strings attached.  However you will have a deductible and will pay a co-insurance yearly of 20%.  A Tricare supplement will cover your co-insurance payments.  A comprehensive plan provides you a re-imbursement of your deductible after it has been paid.  The supplement is a very affordable means to offer you more freedom to arrange for your own medical care.  

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