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Process involves:
A phone or in person interview. This will allow us to point you in the right direction. We know who will approve and who will possibly decline you. Filling out an application or going online to one of our many sources and filling out an online application. Waiting for results, confirmation of coverage approval or decline. Each companies underwriting criteria is different. Please note: Some companies are faster than others. 

My desire is for every client to have wholesome and affordable insurance coverage. Coverage that will provide equally for urgent and emergent care as well as annual preventative wellness care. A plan that also offers the best prescription drug benefit is a must. Major medical insurance has evolved to meet every individuals needs and lets face it, every individual has different needs. Here is a run down of many different insurance types to help you make the decision. Don't hesitate to call us with your questions. We are here for you!

NOW is the time to purchase LONG TERM CARE OR WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE for yourself and your children. Please take a minute to look this over. It is very important in financial planning to set yourself and lovely children looking forward to a better, brighter future! If you see that your kids will need this help, but would not be able to afford it, I have many parents who will pay for their children do to mental or physical disability. Give me a call and I will endeavor to walk you through. You should not have to bear this burden alone, OR BEAR THE FULL BRUNT OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY WHEN THERE IS A SOLUTION.

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