Group Health, Life Insurance, Long Term Disability (LTD), Short Term Disability (STD), Dental Coverage:


  • We are contracted with the majority of Companies offering coverage in New Mexico and Texas and can offer a wide arrange of quotes. 
  • Our knowledge of local and regional provider networks affords us the added ability to find your most efficient plan.  
    • HMO
      • You have Deductibles
      • You have co-pays
      • You have co-insurance on these plans
      • Dental, life, STD, LTD do not come with this option, but can be  offered by a different provider 
      • Vision 
      • You cannot go anywhere and see anyone without prior authorization.
    • PPO's: Preferred Provider Organizations
      • Deductibles ranging from $250 - $5,000+
      • Co-insurance splits from 100% to 50/50, 60/40,70/30,80/20,90/10
      • Wellness benefit - Must be covered
      • Pregnancy benefit - Must be covered
      • Dental, life, STD, LTD do not come with this option, but can be  offered by a different provider  
      • Vision     
      • You can go anywhere and see anyone and as long as the procedure is medically necessary, it is covered
      • Your deductible doubles out of network and your max out of pocket doubles
      • If you already met your in the network deductible, your deductible starts over out of network.  One is completely separate from the other.     
    • Small Businesses, Mom & Pop Organizations 
      • Groups with as little as two people on the plan are eligible for group coverage. 1 + 1 dependent spouse makes two employees and makes a group
      • Groups need a 50% participation at the very least of all eligible employees
      • Group employers must pay at least 50% of the premium for an eligible employee.
      • Group smaller than 100 employees are not required to offer health insurance to the employees. 
      • Groups with 50 of more employees will get a penalty for any employee that purchased insurance on the exchange and got a tax credit in the amount of up to $2,500 per employee. 
      • Carve Outs are not allowed.
      • A company must offer affordable coverage to its employees
        • Affordable means that the cost to employee does not make up more than 9.5% of their household income.
        • The max out of pocket for all plans must not exceed $6,850 x 2 per family per year.
    • Health Savings Accounts Plans for all types of Business Organizations are also offered at KWS Insurance.

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