Commercial Insurance

Please Note that this is the information we need in order to quote you and your family for health and life insurance coverage. Although this information is personal and confidential and every effort has been made to protect you, the client in offering a secure website, we understand that you may not feel comfortable providing all of this information on this form.  That is ok!  Please fill this information out and have it available as you call our office. 
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Business type that we can insure:

Construction - Special Trade Contractors
Tradesman who earns income by performing repair, improvement, installation or maintenance services at residential and commercial locations including new construction sites.
Construction - Builders & General Trade Contractors
Contractors or builders managing projects related to housing or non-housing construction. They are responsible for the entire project (new work, alterations, remodeling and repair) and hire special trade contractors for their projects.
Courier, Mail & Newspaper Delivery
Medical samples legal documents federal express Greyhound package express
Dirt, Sand & Gravel
Farming & Livestock
Food Services, Restaurants & Pizza Delievery
Landscaping, Snowplowing and Firewood
Logging, Log Transport & Sawmills
Applicant uses vehicle for personal use only, no income is earned.
Personal auto titled in the business name Vehicle not acceptable on a personal policy Vehicle used to haul: travel trailer, boat, historical vehicles, race vehicles Dump Truck for clearing own land
Passengers Transportation (Not for Hire)
Retail Trade Operations
Towing Services, Gas Stations & Auto Repair
Trucking & Transportation of Goods
Wholesale Trade

Coverage that varies by company: 

Bodily Injury (BI)/Property Damage Coverage
Physical Damage Coverage
Available Deductibles > $100 - $5,000
Comprehensive only coverage
Hired Auto and Employer's Non-ownership Liability Coverage 
Non-Trucking Liability Coverage
Medical Payments Coverage
Trailer Interchange
Available limits > $15,000 - $40,000
Garbagekeeper's Legal Liability Coverage
On-Hook Towing Liability Coverage
Drive other car coverage
Transportation Expenses Coverage

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