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Please Note that this is the information we need in order to quote you and your family for health and life insurance coverage. Although this information is personal and confidential and every effort has been made to protect you, the client in offering a secure website, we understand that you may not feel comfortable providing all of this information on this form.  That is ok!  Please fill this information out and have it available as you call our office. 
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Some Companies offer discounts and surcharges for the below Items:

Electronic Funds Transfer: EFT saves you and the company and so you can save sometimes 5% for endorsements and renewals and well as initial premium if they are set up at the Point Of Service.
Multi Car: If there is more than one vehicle on the policy.
Homeowner: Proof of home ownership of a home, town home or condominium, most savings do not apply to mobile homes, must be given for this discount.
Senior Safe Driver: Must be 55 or older and successfully completed the highway traffic programs during the past 3 years.
Anti-Theft (Passive alarm)Any item or system, designed to prevent unauthorized use, which is installed to activate when the operator turns the ignition key to the off position.
Minor Child: The licensed single driver is under age 19 and has no current claims in disclosure with the company
Distant Student: The licensed single driver is under age 23 and is the child of the Currently Named Insured Parent or guardian and is in school at least 100 miles from the nearest zip code.
Advance Quote: The quote must be initiated by the customer (not the agent) more than seven days before the policy effective date. Must have prior insurance with no lapse in coverage. The discount continues to apply at renewal.
Multi Policy: The Named Insured has purchased an additional non-auto policy from us. Additional policies include: motorcycle, Motor home, Travel Trailer, Boat/Personal Watercraft, Snowmobile, Mobile Home or Commercial Auto policy. 
Three Year Accident and Violation Free: None of the eligible-to=be-rated drivers have any occurrences of an Auto Theft/Felony Motor Vehicle accident, Other serious violation, Minor Moving Violation, Speeding, or DWI in the past 35 months.
Five Year Accident Free: Non of the eligible-to-be-rated have any occurrences of an at-fault accident in the past 59 months, you must be 23 or older with prior insurance with no history of lapse in coverage.
Business/Artisan Use: The vehicle is used for business/artisan purposes
SR-22: Applies when any eligible-to-be-rated driver has an AS-22 filling, which can be either type 2 (any vehicle operated) or type 3 (any vehicle owned or operated) fillings.

Coverage that varies by company: 

Bodily Injury (BI)/Property Damage Limits
Comprehensive and Collision Deductibles
Uninsured Motorist Coverage 
Rental Reimbursement Limits
Medical Payment Limits
Emergency Roadside Assistance
Loan/Lease Payoff Coverage
Additional Custom Parts or equipment (ACPE) Coverage

We have auto Companies that will write a policy with a foreign License

We have companies for those who are considered high risk

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