KWS Insurance Services Inc.

We are members of the National association of Insurance and Financial Advisories. We have extensive combined experience. We are here to offer you a high quality of affordable insurance products and education. We are Federally and State Certified.

Our caring and personalized service holding you the client in a high level of esteem and respect gives us the reputation we have enjoyed and the friendly feeling you have come to expect. We have recently broadened our product lines and the number of companies that we represent. We have added new agents in the property and casualty arena in order to better meet your needs.

Our company has its beginnings with Jim Krake who in 1979 began Kline Krake & Associates in Clovis NM to sell Life & Health Insurance. In August of 2003 He hired JoAnne Winslow as the office manager. Over a period of one year she was licensed and began to sell Life and Health Insurance products as his partner. It was a shared vision for JoAnne and a lifelong dream for Jim to enlarge his agency to include a property and casualty Insurance line. In February of 2008, we were able to make that happen by hiring three P&C Agents culminating in the creation of KWS Independent Insurance Services INC. as reflected in our corporate articles of incorporation. 

We are located on the curve on North Main St., in Clovis, NM. Our office is on the North Side of street and encompasses 2400 square feet of office space in the west side of the Main way building, Suite G. We have the capacity to house up to 10 agents comfortably. With a large conference room and a break room for our employees and Restrooms for clients with handicapped accessibility. As you enter our premises, you will come into a large waiting room with a beautiful fireplace set against the back wall, please be seated on our stately patted chairs with white Wayne’s coating split with chair railing and merlot color paint on the upper portion of the wall. Our secretary or office manager will be waiting for you as you walk in. See our powerful KWS mural on the back wall and then, “Welcome to KWS Insurance! How can I help you? .

Our Vision:
KWS Insurance offers high quality affordable insurance products from our passionate, caring and personalized service, holding the client in the highest level of esteem adding value to their lives.

Our Commitment
KWS Insurance Services INC., welcomes you, the client, your friends and family members into a relationship that requires a fundamental and sustaining trust. With a caring, confidential and competent touch, KWS Staff members strive to work with your unique family and business issues which may exist and create strategies to deal with them effectively and compassionately during your life and thereafter.